Two professional coaching and providing guidance to a person

There is no question that in our ever-changing global economy that future leaders will need constant coaching and development. As the business environment becomes more complex, coaches can play an invaluable role in the development of next-generation leaders. Effective Executive Coaches can provide knowledge, influence behaviors, be a sounding board, and be an integral part of the leader’s learning process. However, not all coaches are created equally. There is no doubt that coaches with decades of industry experience working with clients are invaluable assets. On the other hand, some coaches can do some real harm… see this terrific HBR article.

The best Executive Coaches in the world have deep psychological training that can understand the developmental needs of their clients. In concert with this training, these coaches can provide invaluable industry expertise. At GDI Talent Acquisition Practice, we can provide you with decades of invaluable expertise AND the right training in terms of your development. Using our Leadership Assessment methodology as the basis, we will set a baseline in terms of your current performance. After meeting one-on-one, we will develop a customized coaching plan based on your needs and goals.


  • One of our GDI Professionals will be assigned to you
  • You will meet through web-enable video conferencing on a monthly basis with your coach
  • During the first meeting, we will establish baselines and goals of the Executive Coaching Engagement. Baselines will be established using our GDI Leadership Assessment methodology
  • Over the next few months, we will assist you in reaching your developmental goals
  • Periodically, we will revisit the GDI Leadership Assessment methodology to measure improvements in your Leadership Competencies and Behaviors
  • We also use a variety of Third-Party Assessments including Hogan Assessment Systems tools, DiSC, and others



GDI Talent Acquisition Practice also provides one-on-one career coaching for Manufacturing and Distribution Professionals. Our experts can assist you with resume preparation and interviewing skills. Please contact us at info@gdiconsult.com for more information.


We work as a single united team and we are ready to make a difference in your organization. People are every organization’s most valued assets. Isn’t it time to invest in your own?