Learn More About GDI Talent Acquisition Practice

GDI Talent Acquisition Practices Recruiting Process & Philosophy

This E-Learning session presents a detailed look into our unique research-backed recruiting process. You will learn about our in-depth assessment and evaluation process, how we source top talent, and much more.

Superior Talent Acquisition: The New Recruiting Paradigm E-Learning Series

Unquestionably, the most important responsibility of ANY executive is hiring the right people. And yet, the interviewing and recruiting processes in most companies are clearly broken – because they lack a comprehensive, structured, and repeatable process. This series will provide you with the knowledge and tools to hire right in the competitive field of talent acquisition.

At the conclusion, you will have a better understanding of the new paradigm shaping the competitive field of talent acquisition. More importantly, you will have the knowledge to implement many of these tools into your own hiring practices.

Part 1: The Talent Acquisition Framework

This video is an introduction to the new state of talent acquisition. Critical research insights are presented as well as a detailed process to hiring the right people.

Part 2: How To Create A Winning Job Description And Screen Candidates

This video covers the important first step to hiring the right people. That is to develop a thorough and comprehensive job description.

Part 3: Competency & Personal Qualities Interviewing

This video is all about the screening and interviewing process. How to use data to accurately evaluate and make comparisons among candidates.

GDI Talent Acquisition Speed-E-Lessons

The GDI Talent Acquisition Practice series are meant to be bite-sized videos covering one or two topics on the current state of talent acquisition in manufacturing and distribution companies.