A carpenter displaying his craftsmanshipThe mission at GDI Talent Acquisition Practice is to be a “trusted and essential resource, and client and candidate partner in the talent acquisition process.” Many recruiting practices fail to set aside the necessary time to thoroughly screen and evaluate candidates. It’s no longer just about finding potentially qualified candidates; it’s about confirming that the candidate can actually carry out the technical aspects of the position as well as ensuring that they are a strong organizational fit. Using proven assessment and evaluation instruments, GDI’s Talent Acquisition Practice specializes in matching the most qualified candidates with each position we are engaged to fill. We help good people find good jobs!

With 30 years of consultancy experience at GDI Consulting & Training Company and over six years of deliberate research into the field of talent acquisition in the manufacturing and distribution industries; we have identified 18 critical professional competencies and personal qualities that every great candidate should possess. GDI Talent Acquisition Practice believes that recruiting is serious business! Every candidate will go through a rigorous research-backed methodology that measures the 18 professional competencies and personal qualities that we have identified.

Although all 18 professional competencies and personal qualities that we have identified are essential. We have discovered that the first seven are by far the strongest predictors of future job success. These are:

  1. Technical competency
  2. Critical thinking skills
  3. Communication skills
  4. Personal initiative
  5. Curiosity
  6. Imagination
  7. Creativity

We have found through research, that if a candidate is not high on these competencies and characteristics – they will be unlikely to succeed in the types of high-level management positions that we are hiring for. Only about 75% of potential candidates make it through our technical competency interview!

In this new series of blogs, entitled “What We Look For In Top Job Seekers,” throughout the next few weeks we will break down the importance of each critical competency and personal quality as well as important Leadership indicators.

Technical Competency

We value candidates who have a disproportionate high-level of job competency. Simply put, if candidates do not possess the technical knowledge of the job – they will not succeed in that position! Relevant technical competency in the job domain is the foundation and minimum expectation of any candidate. Individuals have argued that many people can have great leadership abilities (and lack some of the technical knowledge) and still be a great employee. We disagree. Oftentimes, these other characteristics that an individual may display are “masking behaviors.” These individuals find ways to mask their lack of technical competency. This can only get someone so far – eventually subordinates and colleagues will discover that this “manager” or “leader” is not suited to be in the position that he or she is in. Also note that leadership ability is not one of the characteristics that we value in candidates. There is no one “Leadership” gene or trait. Rather, it is a composite of many competencies and personal qualities which we feel are captured in our assessment process.

We have identified three major areas of technical competency that are important for any highly-qualified candidate. Functional Competencies are representative of the candidate’s knowledge and skills that relate to the specific function they will work in. Enterprise Competencies are representative of the candidate’s knowledge of how an enterprise functions in aggregate, and functions individually, and works to manufacture products and/or provide services. Economic Competencies are representative of the candidate’s understanding of how a similar enterprise makes money and creates value.


Examples of how we measure Technical Competency:

  1. What does EBITDA approximate?
  2. What is the number one determinant to calculating safety stock?
  3. Speculate for a moment. What would the typical technical, organization & behavioral impediments be moving from end-of-batch inspection to in-process inspection?

Looking for the best!

We take a very systematic approach to the interviewing process to discover which candidates are truly qualified for the positions our clients are hiring for. If a candidate does not meet the requirements for the position that the client has set forth – in a dignified and respectful manner, we will let that candidate know that they are not a fit for the position and organization.

As a commitment to our mission in being a partner in the talent acquisition process for clients and candidates, we will help those candidates that are open to improving their knowledge and skills (Personal Initiative!) Candidates who we feel do not possess the level of job competency that the position calls for will receive a personalized memo about their specific areas of improvement. We will gladly spend time to help guide the Candidate towards the right resources so that he or she can self-learn and develop. We believe in doing the right thing for every single candidate that works with GDI Talent Acquisition Practice.

With that said, if you are any one of the following individuals, we ask that you contact us immediately:

  • You are in the top 2% of your respective field
  • If you want to discreetly look for a new job and don’t want your resume public
  • If you are serious about moving up in your career
  • If you would like more information about our organization or our methodology

If you would like to learn more about how the data collected throughout our interview and evaluation process on competency, personal qualities, and leadership indicators makes it into our final report, please download a copy here. Every finalist candidate receives a copy of their personalized detailed report, even if they are not selected by our client.

We look forward to hearing from you and learning about your background and experiences.