Cocoon depicting change.The mission at GDI Talent Acquisition Practice is to be a “trusted and essential resource, and client and candidate partner in the talent acquisition process.” Many recruiting practices fail to set aside the necessary time to thoroughly screen and evaluate candidates. It’s no longer just about finding potentially qualified candidates; it’s about confirming that the candidate can actually carry out the technical aspects of the position as well as ensuring that they are a strong organizational fit. Using proven assessment and evaluation instruments, GDI’s Talent Acquisition Practice specializes in matching the most qualified candidates with each position we are engaged to fill. We help good people find good jobs!

With 30 years of consultancy experience at GDI Consulting & Training Company and over six years of deliberate research into the field of talent acquisition in the manufacturing and distribution industries; we have identified 18 critical professional competencies and personal qualities that every great candidate should possess. GDI Talent Acquisition Practice believes that recruiting is serious business! Every candidate will go through a rigorous research-backed methodology that measures the 18 professional competencies and personal qualities that we have identified.

In addition to the 18 professional competencies and personal qualities we assess, GDI Talent Acquisition Practice Interviewers are also interested in better understanding candidates’ Leadership Indicators. Research tells us that there is no one Leadership trait. Instead, Leadership is comprised of many competencies, personal qualities, traits, and characteristics. Everyone has their own natural leadership style, and one style that may work in one organization, may not work in another. Leadership is contextual.

Some of the Leadership Indicators we assess are:

  1. Emotional Intelligence
  2. People Development
  3. Conflict Management
  4. Change Management
  5. Passion

We use data collected on Leadership Indicators, professional competencies, and personal qualities to make data-centric hiring decisions.

This week’s blog post is a continuation of our “What We Look For In Top Job Seekers” series.

Change Management

“The world hates change, yet it is the only thing that has brought progress.” – Charles Kettering

It has been said that to truly manifest change, a change-leader has to demonstrate substantial sincere passion, or belief, in the new vision. However, to fully develop the proposed change and see it implemented, the change-leader also has to be able to persuade others to see and embrace the vision of how things can be… to see the benefits of “unfreezing” an old way and “refreezing” a new way.

GDI Talent Acquisition Practice is typically engaged to fill Executive-level Leader positions in Manufacturing and Distribution Companies. Because of this, we look for individuals that relish the opportunity to inflict great change inside an organization.

We look for people who are passionate about manufacturing and doing the right thing for the business and for their customer. We look for people who are motivated to get things done. And we look for people that have the confidence and tenacity to break through when faced with obstacles in an organization.

Examples of how we measure Change Management:

  1. We use validated third-party behavioral assessments.
  2. We ask behavioral-based interview questions, such as:
    1. Describe an experience from your past that illustrates your capability as an effective change agent.
    2. Tell me about a time when you were in charge of or pushed for an unpopular or uncomfortable change.
    3. How do you deal with teammates that are resistant to change?

Looking for the best!

We take a very systematic approach to the interviewing process to discover which candidates are truly qualified for the positions our clients are hiring for. If a candidate does not meet the requirements for the position that the client has set forth – in a dignified and respectful manner, we will let that candidate know that they are not a fit for the position and organization.

As a commitment to our mission in being a partner in the talent acquisition process for clients and candidates, we will help those candidates that are open to improving their knowledge and skills (Personal Initiative!) Candidates who we feel do not possess the level of job competency that the position calls for will receive a personalized memo about their specific areas of improvement. We will gladly spend time to help guide the Candidate towards the right resources so that he or she can self-learn and develop. We believe in doing the right thing for every single candidate that works with GDI Talent Acquisition Practice.

With that said, if you are any one of the following individuals, we ask that you contact us immediately:

  • You are in the top 2% of your respective field
  • If you want to discreetly look for a new job and don’t want your resume public
  • If you are serious about moving up in your career
  • If you would like more information about our organization or our methodology

If you would like to learn more about how the data collected throughout our interview and evaluation process on competency, personal qualities, and leadership indicators makes it into our final report, please download a copy here. Every finalist candidate receives a copy of their personalized detailed report, even if they are not selected by our client.

We look forward to hearing from you and learning about your background and experiences.