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How do you Spot a Good Leader?

My work as a management consultant has provided me the opportunity to meet many leaders. Some very good leaders and some not so good leaders. Here are just four behaviors that I have observed that distinguish the good from the not so good leaders: Relinquish control. Give your employees freedom to make decisions. In [...]

Job Seekers – Stop Hurting Your Chances in Landing an Interview

This past weekend I posted a tongue-in-cheek photo to my personal Facebook page (the one featured on this blog). While funny, I don’t believe the message to be entirely true. To my surprise, I had an outpouring of responses from friends and family. From smiley face emojis to sad face emojis. From comments that it [...]

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Leaders Need More Empathy

New research published by Development Dimensions International (2016 High Resolution Leadership Report) suggests that empathy is now one of the leading indicators of leadership performance. “Overwhelmingly, empathy tops the list as the most critical driver of overall performance. It also consistently relates to higher performance in each of the four leadership domains.” This research [...]

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How to Assess “Cultural Fit”

As Executive Search Professionals, GDI Talent Acquisition Practice works with clients to find talented individuals who not only have the right skillset and background, but individuals who would also be a strong cultural fit with the client company. Research suggests that losing an employee can cost upwards to 75% of their annual salary. Further [...]

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Event Announcement: Superior Talent Acquisition! … The New Recruiting Paradigm

Introducing a brand new 4-Part E-Learning Series You are invited to attend the Manufacturing Executive Institute's 4-Part E-Learning Series starting on Tuesday May 2nd at 11:00 AM PDT.  Unquestionably, the most important responsibility of ANY executive is hiring the right people.  And yet, the interviewing and recruiting processes in most companies are clearly broken – because [...]

Painting as a Metaphor for Leadership

I recently attended a Paint and Sip class with a close friend of mine. What originally began as a nice birthday gift, quickly became a powerful lesson in leadership. Paint and Sip classes are events where individuals go to paint an image (the one you see here is my own) and typically accompanied with some drinks. As [...]

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How to Overcome Interviewer Bias

Many of our clients have come to us for advice on how to improve their own internal hiring processes.  "Our Recruiters keep pushing forward unqualified candidates or candidates that are not a good fit with our culture," says the Hiring Manager.  Often times, our clients lack a structured and disciplined recruiting process - one that [...]

The Value of Mentoring

Starting this past January, I have been mentoring two college students from my Alma Mater.  It has been a very rewarding experience.  As I document my learnings from the mentoring relationship, I continue to research how I can be a more effective mentor. I recently found this great Harvard Business Review article, which really [...]

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The Changing Talent Acquisition Landscape

GDI Talent Acquisition Practice is happy to announce a new series of online E-Learning programs.  These new GDI Talent Acquisition Speed-E-Lessons will cover a variety of topics in Talent Acquisition and Recruiting.  Planned topics include how to create effective job descriptions, how to accurately assess candidates for a variety of competencies and personal qualities, how [...]

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